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Xcono today is
80% of our projects is mobile sites

We actively advocate for the development of adaptive sites. This solution allows to reduce the cost of developing and maintaining a separate mobile application.

2/3 of our projects is commercial solutions

Business process automation reduces the load on the staff of the company. We have experience in automating freight companies, real estate agencies, supply chains and financial institutions.

38 days take development of success project

We understand what a "lost opportunity", so we try to reduce the development time of the project. That's why we only deal with one project at a time, devoting all of our time to it.

Location, staff & stuff
Working group
marketer, designer, coder working group

Our team consists of only three people. This is enough for everyday tasks, yet at the major projects we engage in the work necessary specialists.

our location
Our location
where is good weather.
hong kong

We are working on the Internet, in Moscow and St. Petersburg, often spend time in Thailand and China. Our customers are in different countries, but this does not prevent us to work efficiently. Sometimes we meet with our customers at the resorts in warm countries. Our tools - is paper, a pencil and a notebook.

Priority directions
for us is building a comfort working group

Of course, we actively monitor the latest trends. The combination of a mobile site and business applications to manage the business from anywhere in the world.

How it works
working plan

Discovery and Planning

First, we study the industry, we get information about the audience, competitors, strengths of the client's business. Based on these data, we are preparing the project docs.

Design and coding

Next, we turn to the implementation of the project documentation. The design is developed in four steps: design, interface circuit, a prototype and layout.

Testing and Launch

Testing - is one of the most important parts of the process. At this stage, we eliminate potential errors and optimize the quality and performance of the system.

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We suggest that you get the concept of your new project for free without any obligation. Simply, we will prepare a concept document for your future project.

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