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Up your sales

Sell and service online

Way connection

Docs management

Personal accounts

Staff management

Promote your managers!

A new online service can replace your working staff.

Business process automation able to: reduce call-center load, make your docs and client managment easy.

Сompany intranet for your staff sets a new standart to personnel management.

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Control sales!
Your own army!

Social media

Open communication of your customers or associates opens up wide horizons for the development of the product.

The system of friends and groups will greatly expand the geographical presence of the company. Attract new visitors.

Social Media - a great marketing tool for mass promotion of the brand. Confirmed by revolutions!

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Brand awareness

Social media is recognized as the best way to increase brand awareness among the general public.

Geometry of growth

Loyal customers are spreading information about the quality of service and favorable acquisitions in their social circle.

Customer Service

A simple way to leave a comment allows you to quickly respond to negative reviews, enhancing the quality of service.

Global broadcasting

Information sites

Optimization of work with the audience using own press service, instead of third-party media.

The wide audience coverage of the information resource allows you to significantly expand the company geographical presence.

Structural presentation of information about a product or service will reduce the costs associated with routine information work.

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Dynamics of distribution

The company information portal will provide an excellent platform for placing urgent news.


Distributed management of the publication of content through a system of roles, allows employees to work with their own sections.

On the first lines

Feeds of information resources available to the aggregation of leading search engines Google, Yahoo, Bing.

No shopping — no life


Our marketing approach to the design - not only "beautiful", but effective solutions.

Profitability of the project - the main factor of website development online store.

Proper filing even of information material motivates the purchase.

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In the first series

Broadcast products to major sites aggregators can get a high conversion rate at low cost.

Tell it to GoogleBot

Modern methods of marking, allow us to send more information about a product to search engine robots.

Clip coupons

Easy creation of landing pages to maximize results from third party advertising.

Automation of business

Online service

We understand that the innovative idea should not be in the framework of the existing solutions.

We believe that every website should serve the visitor, to respond to his requests, help staff.

We are able to design and create convenient services for web-based technologies.

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Enterprise systems

Management of staff, goods, cargo, warehouses, customers - web services able to solve many problems.

At any point

Transfer of routine business tasks to a web service allows you to efficiently distribute the work, to reduce the load on the various departments of the company.

Always tuned

Service in the Web is independent of the software, all updates in one place.


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social networks,blogs and boards


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