Mobile Websites

At any time — anywhere.

Your service is available everywhere

Mobile version of the site allows you to expand the audience and geographic presence.

Mobile users targeting significantly increases sales in several segments.

Application of adaptive layout reduces by 80% the cost of developing a separate mobile site.

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The dynamics of distribution

Already in 2014 the number of mobile users will exceed the owners of home computers.

Attraction of clients

Integration with social networks, the advantages of the search engines will attract a new audience.

Always connected

Mobile sites are equally well represent your company on smartphones, tablets, and mobile computers.

Mobile websites development

Studies show that current mobile Internet users unhappy when it comes to viewing websites. Sites that are not optimized for mobile devices delivered inconvenience when viewing.

Traditional websites are designed for viewing on a computer screen, not a mobile device. This means that the most common sites that are not compatible with mobile devices, or do not appear correctly.

More and more people are using their mobiles to access the internet. At present, one third of the world's population uses their mobile device to perform a search on the internet. One half of all Internet searches for local services are provided by mobile.

Thanks to the technology of adaptive layout, we can offer the development of the main site adapted for mobile. In this case, the savings for the development of the mobile site will be 80% of the cost of construction a separate mobile site.


This is handy!

Notice how the page would look like on a smartphone without optimization.(left image).

And how much it is available to users of mobile devices when optimized.(right image).

Try to narrow your browser window to see the adaptive layout in action.

The main task of the adaptive layout - to reduce the cost of developing a mobile site, while simplifying management of content on the site.

Mobile sites are optimized so that they can be conveniently viewed on the move and in transport.

Promotion of mobile sites

According to Gartner Research about 96 million mobile searches in 2009 were local - users looking for the nearest shops, services and other agencies. In 2012, that number had grown to more than 526 million queries.

Websites optimized for mobile devices gain advantage in the search engines. It effects on reducing the budget for promotion on the Internet.

It helps to attract "new" and "repeat" customer visits. Your business can be described as "instant, mobile and competitive." Visitors return to the site, find it convenient and affordable.


Can be viewed anytime, anywhere mobile coverage. Due to the vast growth of the Internet users of mobile devices around the world, it means that your site opens the door to a new audience. The competition among mobile sites is still low, and in some sectors are still missing.

Mobile visitors are always available and can be contacted at the time of a visit to the managers of the company, which has a positive effect on the conversion. Or managers can contact the site visitor, to offer help in choosing the services.

Development of an adaptive website by 80% cheaper than the development of the main and mobile sites separately.

Given the specifics of today's Internet users, most of them are actively using social networks. Therefore, website integration with mobile networks is one of the approaches to increase the traffic, the expansion of sales geography.