Site support

Stable work - always.

Maintenance and optimization

Comprehensive search and resolution of technical problems at the existing sites.

Optimize the performance of the project, the quality of the material.

Implementation of new functionality, localization of multilingual sites.

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Round the clock monitoring the site for availability. Performing regular procedures related to service the site.


Finding ways to optimize the conversion of the site to attract new customers, technical performance.

Only for selected

Service sites developed the Xcono, as well as on the basis of the CMS Drupal 6-7-8.

1Service and Project Management

Powerful business is built upon a solid foundation. We have developed a complex service designed for business and meets all the requirements of modern times. The service allows a new level of efficiency and productivity of the project.

Managing complex projects, placement and design of the content according to the style of the site, often beyond the power of an inexperienced user. Recommended for medium to large projects attract professionals to the content and manage the site.

2Resource optimization

For each site, there is always a way to optimize. Reducing the load on the ground, increase the speed of loading pages, optimizing the design. Implementation of measures to accelerate the operation of the site with the clients without compromising the efficiency of the site.

Convenient sites attract new customers and satisfy constant. Optimizing the site for the convenience of visitors provides a range of marketing and technological measures.

3Translations into other languages

The localization of multilingual site is guaranteed to provide a new audience, and most importantly, expanding geographical presence of the company. We provide competent technical approach to implement multilingual sites. We provide high-quality translation of content on the world's leading languages​​.